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Do you question if you are consistently showing up as your BEST self in your business or career?

Are you worried that you are not getting noticed and know you could get further faster, if you just got your look and style on-point?

Or in those moments when your look matters most (which is most of the time), do you get stressed, stuck or overwhelmed with the thought of what to wear?!?

If you can relate to any or all of these challenges – you are NOT ALONE…  Tons of (in fact most)  female entrepreneurs and executives share these same struggles.  And, real talk – give yourself a pass, because it’s not your fault!  You have hustled your way to the top and deserve to look as flawless as your brand says you are.  You just need expert guidance and support – that’s where I come in…
As your Premier Image Consultant and Personal Stylist, I help take the guesswork, struggle and frustration out of nailing your most authentic amazing looking self so that you can attract and manifest more in your business and best represent your winning brand.   Let’s work together to get you showing up like a Mogul in the Making!!!

Powerful. Influential. Purpose-Driven. Unapologetic. Bold. Magnetic. Confident


I am a faith-filled mompreneur of 2 and wife, based in Dallas, TX (serving clients in-person and virtually). My style roots come from a lineage of fashionistas on both sides of my family (mom, both grandmothers and a host of aunts and cousins) that would slay any event from a picnic to a reunion gala. It also helped that I was born and raised in a fashion/style capital (Chicago, IL) – yes, I have to rep for my hometown. 😉

Over a decade ago, after following a pretty straight path of education and earning both a BS in Marketing, a Masters in Organizational Management, and a successful established career in Human Resources, I decided to take a brief hiatus from Corporate America.  While doing so, I pursued my passion in style and fashion and started this journey to serve, support and teach thriving female entrepreneurs and executives how to show up with bold and magnetic confidence. 

My edge is my gifted keen-eye for fashion and body-shape styling and practical approach to addressing the needs of real women with real bodies and helping them architect a personal look and image that truly represents them and their power – not a manufactured woman they don’t recognize.  I simply love and appreciate every opportunity I get to transform the lives of the women I serve with my signature process that helps them present their brand as a high-quality investment. 

In early 2019, I decided to take my business online and started a global tribe with a mission to help over 100,000 women elevate their image so that they look good, feel good and do amazing things while building their empires!  This tribe is a fast-growing bold and vibrant community of “InfluenceHERs That Slay” of which are committed to getting out of the shadows and taking charge of their image on a daily basis.  If you are of like-mind, I would be thrilled to have you join in the movement…


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