Slay your fears, slay your closet, and slay any room in only 6-weeks!

Are you that Busy Boss Chick seeking to boost your image and your income?  Deep down, you know you need to level-up your look to begin attracting more productive connections and lucrative opportunities.  You may be thinking to yourself “what’s missing?”  “How can I stand-out and be taken more seriously or spark that initial interest and instant credibility with clients and colleagues?!?”

Well, what I know for sure is – it does not just magically happen…   The presence and image you need requires intentional focus, practice and an overall investment in you!

That is why I have built a program specifically designed with YOU in mind.

This program is
for YOU,
if you are:

Lack self-esteem, confidence or self-worth, weight gain/loss, procrastination, not focusing enough on you because everything and everybody else has been more of a priority.

Unsure of how you want to show up and/or how to do it consistently.  Never really defined what type of style or image best represents you and compliments your lifestyle. 

In the “nothing to wear” matrix?  Not able to quickly and confidently select outfits that fit, flatter or feel amazing. 

Experience anxiety and/or overwhelm when you need to shop which results in impulse purchases that ultimately waste time and money – further adding to your lack of confidence

Unable to effortlessly show up or dress with full confidence when you get a spontaneous visit or short notice invite.


If any one, several or all of the above apply to you - this program will be truly transformative - YES, your life will be forever changed...

is a 6-week intensive personal style transformation program that will
supercharge, structure and streamline your path to Slaydom. Get ready to be able to enter any room with confidence and make a statement while making money.

This program was designed with the ‘busy boss chick’ in mind:

24 7 pink

Locked and loaded with 24/7 access to self-directed, self-paced, on-demand learning

video pink

Modern, engaging, easy to follow videos


Bite-sized content for ease and convenience

magnifiying glass pink

Content-rich resources for future reference

mind pink

Engaging and fun exercises and challenges for sharpening skills

You will get:

You will learn how to:


Deadline: 11/10 11:59 PM EST
$ 497 or (6) weekly payments of $85
  • Bring a Slay Sister $97

You deserve to be that successful woman you are striving to be. That Lady Boss that commands attention, respect and the necessary platforms to shine brilliantly in her purpose. This program will deliver and position you to be “Set to Slay” anytime, anywhere, and for any reason!

So, I know what you’re thinking – WOW – Sign Me Up!!!! But, wait! How much is this going to cost me?!? I’ll get straight to the point – this entire program is valued at $2497!!! But, not for you and not today…

For you, today - you will only pay the Special Price:

$497 !

Now, I know that is unquestionably a steal.  You may even be asking yourself “Why?”  But, frankly I am making this a ‘no-brainer’ decision for you because I know you need it and I don’t know when I will be offering the next Academy.  I don’t want you to put yourself off (once again) for a “better time.”  Because the truth is there will likely never be the “better” or more “perfect” time.  You have to ACT NOW and do what’s necessary to invest in your future and quality of life.  Don’t put yourself on hold (again) – you can no longer wait to be great!!! 

That said, I have one more surprise...

Because I know how much you need and want this, but may be seeking justification of the investment – I have sweetened the deal with a Free Bonus Bundle AND a “Bring a Slay Sister” Offer.

If you sign-up by 11:59 PM on 11/10, you will also receive this:

(valued at $379)

Your Slay Sister will ONLY PAY $97 for the Academy on the strength of your recommendation. 
Whether you share the offer, split it with her or decide to gift it – you will make her year and she will be your bestie for life!!!



Deadline: 11/10 11:59 PM EST
$ 497 or (6) weekly payments of $85
  • Bring a Slay Sister $97


Finally, I get YOU – because I am you!  As an emerging influencer, business owner or career-climber with a LOT on your plate and multiple irons in the fire to advance your goals, this may seem like one more thing to “do” or “invest” in… 

The final thing I would say to that is – if NOT NOW, WHEN?!?  If you think that achieving all of your goals and aspirations will not require you doing and investing in things that are unchartered or scary – you are dead wrong!  I guarantee you, if you put in the required focus and time into this academy, you will be positively changed and this will be one of the BEST DECISIONS OF YOUR LIFE!  If you disagree, at the conclusion of the program – I will REFUND you. 

So, there you have it – I just put it all on the line for you – will you do it for yourself?!?  No excuses… 

I’ll see you in the Academy!